Deliciousness at Home

von: Nadine Levy Redzepi, René Redzepi

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'This is great family cooking: inviting, achievable and simply delicious.' Nigel Slater'This book is full of ideas, enthusiasm, flavour - and heart.’ Nigella Lawson'A wonderful collection of everyday home-cooked meals.' Jamie OliverBring love and deliciousness into your kitchen.Inspired by her own childhood and life-long love of food, Nadine Levy Redzepi has created a personal and inviting notebook of recipes that bring her family together around the kitchen table. Nadine talks you step-by-step through each recipe with warmth, encouragement and detailed instructions. Nadine ensures that home cooking always feels relaxed and enjoyable and your kitchen becomes the heart of your home, no matter your skill or confidence level.Downtime is the wonderful, simple food that Nadine and the Redzepi family share.
1: Foreword be Rene Redzepi2: Introduction3: The Downtime Pantry4: Tools and Equipment1: Starters1: Homemade crisps with anchovy hummus2: Crisps with salmon tartare3: Sweet potato crisps with black bean dip4: Potato skins with salmon roe5: Brussels sprouts and potato cups with beurre blanc sauce and roe6: Mashed potatoes and greens with salt-cured egg yolk7: Sweet potato cakes with cumin beetroot and salted yoghurt8: Green asparagus with poached egg9: Globe artichokes with herb dip10: Qual’s eggs with porcini mayonnaise11: White asparagus with truffle sauce12: Butter-fried bread with tomatoes13: Turmeric-fried bread with herbed aubergine14: Chicken livers and avocado on rye bread15: Deep-fried aubergine with ricotta and sage16: Breaded tomatoes with mascarpone and sardines17: Leeks with vinaigrette, bacon and pine nuts18: Clams with garlic and toasted breadcrumbs19: Cold prawns in horseradish cream20: Jerusalem artichokes and almond milk soup2: Mains1: Baked salmon with thyme and thin potatoes2: Salt-crusted sea bass with green beans3: Baked cod with crushed tomatoes and green olives4: Roasted ratatouille with orzo5: Aubergine gratin6: Seal the deal pasta7: Spaghetti with fresh tomato and basil sauce8: Pasta with meat sauce9: Spaghetti with mussel sauce10: Fusilli with spicy chicken liver sauce11: Lasagne with sausage meatballs12: Duck breast rice bowl with tomatoes and cucumbers13: Quinoa salad with spiced onions14: Butternut squash and carrot soup15: Yucatan stew with roasted chilli salsa16: Warm potatoes with greens and herbs17: Porridge with wild mushrooms and eggs18: Gingered chicken broth with fennel and soy egg19: Savoury sweet potato tart20: Kale and mushroom carbonara21: Cheese ravioli with brown butter eggs yolks, parmesan and sage22: Japanese omelette with fried sticky rice23: Monkfish with lemon sauce and peas24: Skirt steak with oven-fried garlic potatoes and herbed pan sauce25: Portuguese pork chops and rice26: Middle eastern beef and lentils27: Marinated lamb with pitta and hummus28: Gyoza29: Breaded fish fillets with broccoli30: Tonkatsu chicken with caramelised carrots31: Danny’s fried chicken with spiced rice32: Roasted baby back ribs and sweet potatoes33: Roast chicken and potatoes with garlic and thyme34: Porchetta pork belly with truffles35: Beef-glazed celeriac with buttermilk sauce36: Pot-roasted cauliflower with sesame crème fraiche37: Mussels with choizo38: Braised pork cheek ragu39: My mother’s chicken curry40: Lamb curry with rice and raita3: Desserts1: Three-fruit crumble2: Danish apple dessert3: Old-fashioned apple tart4: Apricot tart with frangipane5: Do-it-all cake6: Brandied plum cake7: Danish dream cake8: Double-hazelnut praline cake9: Almond cake10: Giant macaron cake11: NYC cheesecake12: Panna cotta caramel13: Vanilla bean ice cream14: Sugar-cured egg yolk in a meringue cloud15: Frozen avocado cake16: My tiramisu17: Chocolate chunk cookies18: Brownies with flaky salt and white chocolate19: Walnut crescents10: Walnut squares21: Coconut tops5: Acknowledgements6: A Life in the Home Kitchen7: Index
Downtime is a collection of accessible but original and relaxed home cooking recipes with a creative edge from Nadine Redzepi, wife of Noma’s world-respected chef-patron, René Redzepi.
Nadine Levy Redzepi is an enthusiastic home cook, a mother of three daughters, and has spent most of her adult life working with her husband René Redzepi, chef-patron of the multi-award-winning restaurant Noma.

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