Sins As Scarlet

Sins As Scarlet

von: Nicolás Obregón

10,99 €

Verlag: Penguin
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 08.02.2018
ISBN/EAN: 9781405926942
Sprache: englisch
Anzahl Seiten: 400

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**From the author of Blue Light Yokohama, preorder the next novel featuring Inspector Kosuke Iwata now!**Inspector Kosuke Iwata, formerly of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, is now working as a private investigator in California. He may have left his home country behind him, but the crimes he has to face here are just as horrific, and as mystifying. A dead transgender woman is found out on the train tracks near LA's Skid Row. A Mexican homicide investigator riddled with cancer and corruption. A river of dirty money flowing through the Sonoran Desert. And a mother's secrets, tracing all the way from 1970s Tokyo to Japan's 48th prefecture - Torrance, California. Lives untangle, fates converge and blood is spilled as Inspector Iwata returns.Praise for Blue Light Yokohama'Taut and atmospheric with twists galore' Woman & Home'An outstanding debut' The most awaited books of 2017, Sunday Express'A twisty, highly entertaining thriller that pulls us into the heart of an unconventional hero as he fights corruption in the gritty, glittering world of Tokyo' Julia Heaberlin, author of Sunday Times bestseller Black-Eyed Susans'Poetic, chilling and mesmerizing storytelling' Ragnar Jónasson, internationally bestselling author of Snowblind'This beautifully written debut takes readers on a captivating and atmospheric journey around Tokyo with plenty of twists to keep them gripped until the epic conclusion' Daily Express'Refreshing. Engaging' Daily Mail'With a labyrinthine plot and a likeable protagonist, Blue Light Yokohama is a strong beginning to what promises to be an excellent series' The Guardian
British born of a Spanish father and a French mother, Nicolás Obregón grew up between London and Madrid. As a travel writer, Nicolás has had an extensive experience of Japan, but the beginning of his fascination with the country came from watching Japanese cartoons as a young boy. The inspiration for Blue Light Yokohama is easy to mark. During his first trip to Japan, Nicolás came across an article about a real-life crime which was to haunt him. Sixteen years after this atrocity, the case remains unsolved. Nicolás Obregón is a graduate of the acclaimed Birkbeck Creative Writing Masters course and a former bookseller for Waterstones.

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