Brand Management

Brand Management

von: Michael Beverland

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Verlag: Sage Publications
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Veröffentl.: 08.01.2018
ISBN/EAN: 9781526415899
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Presenting the basics of brand management, the book provides both a theoretical and practical guide to brands, placing emphasis on the theory that the consumer is a co-creator in a brand's identity.In a world in which social media and inclusive digital platforms have increased customer engagement, the role of brands and branding has changed. The line between the producer and the consumer has become blurred; consumers are no longer the recipients of brand identity, but the co-creators, playing a significant role in shaping new products and systems.To help students better understand the basics of brand management, and the co-creation theory, the book includes a collection of geographically diverse case studies, including: Burger King, Lego, Lynx, Maserati, HSBC and Vegemite.The book is complemented by online resources for lecturers and students, including PowerPoint slides, journal articles, web and video links, and a selection of exclusive videos with a professional brand consultant.Suitable reading for students of branding and brand management modules.

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