Clinical Handbook of Psychotropic Drugs

Clinical Handbook of Psychotropic Drugs

22nd ed. 2017

von: Ric M. Procyshyn, Kalyna Z. Bezchlibnyk-Butler, J. Joel Jeffries

69,99 €

Verlag: Hogrefe Publishing
Format: PDF
Veröffentl.: 12.06.2017
ISBN/EAN: 9781616764968
Sprache: englisch

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The Clinical Handbook of Psychotropic Drugs has become a standard
reference and working tool for psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians,
pharmacists, nurses, and other mental health professionals.
• Independent, unbiased
• Packed with unique, easy-to-read comparison charts and tables
(dosages, side effects, pharmacokinetics, interactions…) for a quick
overview of treatment options
• Succinct, bulleted information on all classes of medication: on- and
off-label indications, side effects, interactions, pharmacodynamics,
precautions in the young, the elderly, and pregnancy, nursing implications,
and much more – all you need to know for each class of drug
• Potential interactions and side effects summarized in comparison
• With instantly recognizable icons and in full color throughout, allowing
you to find at a glance all the information you seek
• Clearly written patient information sheets available for download as
printable PDF files
This book is a must for everyone who needs an up-to-date, easy-touse,
comprehensive summary of all the most relevant information
about psychotropic drugs.

New in this edition:
• Third-generation antipsychotics with major additions and changes
• Pharmacogenomics fully revised
• ECT thoroughly revised and updated
• BLT / rTMS with extended references
• Extrapyramidal side effects chart extended
• Antidepressants vilazodone and vortioxetine with extended coverage
• New chart of agents under investigation for treatment of substance
use disorders
• Approved and off-label indications updated
• New unapproved treatments with significant updates, including
anti-inflammatories, hormones, and 5-HT3 antagonists, in depression,
dementia, schizophrenia, and anxiety disorders
• New agents include: TGAs N-arylpiperazine (brexiprazole, Rexulti)
and phenylpiperazine: (cariprazine, Vrylar), hypnotic suvorexant
• New formulations and tradenames include: Brisdelle (paroxetine
mesylate), Irenka (duloxetine capsules), Invega Trinza, Dyanavel XR,
Evekeo, Zenzedi, Adzenys XR-ODT, Aptensio XR, Quillichew ER / Quillivant

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