International Scholarships in Higher Education

International Scholarships in Higher Education

Pathways to Social Change

von: Joan R. Dassin, Robin R. Marsh, Matt Mawer

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Verlag: Palgrave Macmillan
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Veröffentl.: 17.10.2017
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This book explores the multiple pathways from scholarships for international study to positive social change. Bringing together studies from academic researchers, evaluators and program designers and policymakers from Africa, Asia, Latin and North America, Europe, and Australia, the book compiles the latest research and analysis on the policy, practice, and outcomes of international scholarship programs. Contributions examine the broad trends in sponsored overseas study, program design considerations, the dynamics of the immediate post-scholarship period and the impact of scholarships on international education and development. Particular attention is focused on assessment and evaluation, the complexities of selecting awardees, the dynamics of returning home and concerns about brain drain and the state of knowledge and research on long-term outcomes of international scholarships with social change aims.nt>
Section 1: The landscape 1.1. Introduction – ‘Pathways for social change?’ 1.2. Recent trends in international scholarships 1.3. Relationships between Scholarship Program and Institutional Capacity Development Initiatives CS1. Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program (Programa Ciência sem Fronteiras, Brazil) Section 2: Investing in individuals 2.1. Selecting Social Change Leaders 2.2. The benefits and challenges of international education: Maximizing learning for social change CS2. Open Society Scholarship Programs  CS3. Balancing Change and Continuity: The Case of the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan Section 3: The dynamics of return 3.1. Influencing pathways to social change: Scholarship program conditionality and individual agency 3.2. What’s Next? Facilitating Post-study Transitions 3.3. Global Migration of Talent: Drain, Gain and Transnational Impacts CS4. The Chinese Government Scholarship Program: the brain development scheme that illuminates a vision across 30 years Section 4: Understanding outcomes 4.1. Magnitudes of impact: a three-level review of evidence from scholarship evaluation 4.2. Tracing the spark that lights a flame:  A review of methodologies to measure the outcomes of international scholarships 4.3. International Scholarships and Social Change:  Elements for a New Approach CS5. Education in Support of Social Transformation: The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program Section 5: Looking to the future 5.1. International Scholarships in the Ecosystem of Higher Education: An African View 5.2. Higher Education International Scholarships and Social Change in India 5.3. Conclusions: Pathways revisited
Joan R. Dassin is Professor of International Education and Development and Director of the MA Program in Sustainable International Development at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University, USA.Robin R. Marsh is Senior Researcher at the Institute for the Study of Societal Issues, University of California, Berkeley, USA.Matt Mawer is Senior Research Officer at The Association of Commonwealth Universities, UK.
This book maps and analyzes the multiple pathways from international scholarships to positive social change. It brings together the contributions of academic researchers, evaluators, and scholarship professionals from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the US, Europe, and Australia to create a dialogue on the present and future of international scholarship programs. The issues addressed in this volume include the alignment between scholarships and other development oriented education programs; the complexities of selecting ‘leaders’; the dynamics of returning home and concerns about brain drain; and the state of knowledge and research on long-term outcomes of international scholarships with social change aims. The book is intended for readers from higher education, practitioner, and policy communities around the world, and especially for those who work at the nexus of higher education and development.
Focuses on the social impacts of various international scholarship programs within different development contextsExamines whether international scholarship programs have been and will continue to be an effective vehicle to promote development and social change Editors and contributors are leading names in the profession fields of scholarship programs and international education
“Imaginatively crafted with inputs by authors with diverse backgrounds and expertise, this book convincingly establishes the changing social function of international scholarships and stimulates future debates on the subject.” (Rwekaza S. Mukandala, Vice Chancellor, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) “This volume powerfully demonstrates the many ways scholarship programs can have impact beyond individual scholars. The authors masterfully weave together academic research and case studies of innovative scholarship programs proven to create global leaders, reverse so-called brain drain, and improve society.” (Hilary Pennington, Vice President for Education, Creativity, and Free Expression, The Ford Foundation) “Higher education is one of the most powerful drivers for innovation in a country. Scholarship programs unlock pathways to social change and innovative approaches to issues of common concern. Study abroad experiences change lives and create new and unexpected horizons; this book shows how.” (Hilligje Van’t Land, Secretary General, International Association of Universities)