Selves and Subjectivities

Selves and Subjectivities

Reflections on Canadian Arts and Culture

von: Manijeh Mannani, Veronica Thompson

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Introduction 1
Manijeh Mannani and Veronica Thompson

A Semiotic Reading of Hédi Bouraoui’s The Woman Between the Lines 13
Elizabeth Dahab

Mourning Lost "Others" in Ronnie Burkett’s Happy 39
Janne Cleveland

Putting an End to Recycled Violence in Colleen Wagner’s The Monument 69
Gilbert McInnis

Representations of the Self and the Other in Canadian Intercultural Theatre 95
Anne Nothof

Pulling Her Self Together: Daphne Marlatt’s Ana Historic 115
Veronica Thompson

"New, Angular Possibilities": Redefining Ethnicity Through Transcultural Exchanges in Marusya Bociurkiw’s The Children of Mary 151
Dana Patrascu-Kingsley

The Elegiac Loss of the English- Canadian Self and the End of the Romantic Identification with the Aboriginal Other in Leonard Cohen’s Beautiful Losers 175
Jesse Rae Archibald-Barber

Playing the Role of the Tribe: The Aesthetics of Appropriation in Canadian Aboriginal Hip Hop 207
Thor Polukoshko

Toward a Theory of the Dubject: Doubling and Spacing the Self in Canadian Media Culture 235
Mark A. McCutcheon

List of Contributors 265

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