Summary of 12 Rules for Life

Summary of 12 Rules for Life

An Antidote to Chaos

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Human being does not like rules in general despite knowing that they benefit us. We do not want a lot of rules. However, without rules, we are likely to lose a sense of direction and go wayward. Therefore, we need rules.

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Rule 1 - Stand up Straight with Your Shoulders Back
Rule 2- Treat Yourself Like Someone You Are Responsible for Helping
Rule 3- Make Friends with People Who Want the Best for You
Rule 4- Compare Yourself to Who You Were Yesterday, Not To Who Someone Else Is Today
Rule 5- Do Not Let Your Children Do Anything That Makes You Dislike Them
Rule 6- Set Your House in Perfect Order Before You Criticize the World
Rule 7- Pursue what is Meaningful (Not what is Expedient)
Rule 8- Tell the Truth- or At Least, Don't Lie
Rule 9- Assume That The Person You Are Listening To Might Know Something You Don't
Rule 10- Be Precise in Your Speech
Rule 11- Do Not Bother Children When They Are Skateboarding
Rule 12- Pet a Cat When You Encounter One on the Street
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