The Data Model Resource Book, Volume 1

The Data Model Resource Book, Volume 1

A Library of Universal Data Models for All Enterprises
Revised Edition

von: Len Silverston, Graeme Simsion

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Verlag: Wiley
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 08.08.2011
ISBN/EAN: 9781118082324
Sprache: englisch
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A quick and reliable way to build proven databases for core business functions Industry experts raved about The Data Model Resource Book when it was first published in March 1997 because it provided a simple, cost-effective way to design databases for core business functions. Len Silverston has now revised and updated the hugely successful 1st Edition, while adding a companion volume to take care of more specific requirements of different businesses. This updated volume provides a common set of data models for specific core functions shared by most businesses like human resources management, accounting, and project management. These models are standardized and are easily replicated by developers looking for ways to make corporate database development more efficient and cost effective.This guide is the perfect complement to The Data Model Resource CD-ROM, which is sold separately and provides the powerful design templates discussed in the book in a ready-to-use electronic format. A free demonstration CD-ROM is available with each copy of the print book to allow you to try before you buy the full CD-ROM.
Foreword. Acknowledgments. About the Author. Introduction. People and Organizations. Products. Ordering Products. Shipments. Work Effort. Invoicing. Accounting and Budgeting. Human Resources. Creating the Data Warehouse Data Model from the Enterprise Data Model. A Sample Data Warehouse Data Model. Star Schema Designs for Sales Analysis. Star Schema Designs for Human Resources. Additional Star Schema Designs. Implementing the Universal Data Models. Appendix A: Logical Data Model Entities and Attributes. Appendix B: Data Warehouse Data Model Tables and Columns. Appendix C: Star Schema Design Tables and Columns. How to Use the CD-ROM Product. Other Reusable Data Model and Data Warehouse Design Resources. Index.
"I thought the models in the books were well thought out and adequately explained" (Computer Shopper February 2002)
LEN SILVERSTON (lsilverston is founder and owner of Universal Data Models, LLC (, a Colorado-based firm providing consulting and training for helping enterprises customize and implement "universal data models" and develop holistic, integrated systems. Mr. Silverston has over 20 years' experience in delivering data integration, database and data warehouse solutions to organizations.
"These books are a must for any company implementing data models. They contain practical insights and templates of universal data models which can be used by all enterprises, regardless of their level of experience." —Ron Powell, Publisher, DM Review Industry experts raved about The Data Model Resource Book when it first came out——and no wonder. This book arms you with a powerful set of data models and data warehouse designs that you can use to jump-start your database development projects. You get proven models for common business functions such as ordering and managing products, handling shipments, invoicing, accounting and budgeting, managing human resources, contact management, and project management. You'll save countless hours and thousands of dollars in database development costs. This updated edition, fully edited and revised by Len Silverston, includes many new and expanded data models, including models for call center management, product customization, shipping and receiving, budgeting scenarios, and employee qualifications and performance. Plus, there are new data mart designs, including financial analysis, inventory management, and shipping logistics. With this book, you'll learn how to: Customize enterprise and logical data models that meet the specific needs of your organization Convert logical data models to data warehouses and data marts Develop physical data designs and evaluate design options based on the universal data models Integrate databases and data ware- houses across the enterprise Validate your organization's existing data models You'll also want to check out the companion volume, The Data Model Resource Book, Revised Edition, Volume 2 (0-471-35348-5), which provides universal data models that have been tailored for various industries and applications. See how you can save even more time and money with The Data Model ResourceBook, Revised Edition, Volume 1 CD-ROM, which: Provides the SQL code you'll need to implement the models described in the book or to reverse-engineer them into your CASE tool You can view for free the demon- stration of data models from both Volume 1 and Volume 2 on the Demo CD included with this book Can be purchased separately by phone or online—directions inside
"The Data Model Resource Book, Revised Edition, Volume 1 is the best book I?ve seen on data architecture. It does not merely address the top levels of a data architecture (Zachman Framework row one or two); it provides both common and industry-specific logical models as well as data designs that may be customized to meet your requirements. The end result is a is a rich framework whose models span the higher and lower levels of a data architecture, including high-level models, logical models, warehouse designs, star schemas, and SQL scripts. You can use the data models, designs, and scripts as templates or starting points for your own modeling, an introduction to subject areas you might not be familiar with, a reference to validate your existing models, and a help to building an enterprise data architecture. The book provides techniques to transform models from one level to another, as well as tips and techniques for getting the appropriate levels of abstraction in the models. Instance tables (sample data) help bring the models to life. I have customized and used the models from the first edition on many projects in the last two years?it is an invaluable resource to me." --Van Scott, President, Sonata Consulting, Inc. "Len Silverston has produced an enormously useful two-volume compendium of generic (but not too generic) data models for an extensive set of typical enterprise subject areas, and for various industries that any data modeler will likely encounter at some point in his or her career. The material is clearly written, well organized, and goes below the obvious to some of the more perverse and difficult information requirements in an enterprise. This is an invaluable resource for doing one's homework before diving into any modeling session; if you can't find it here, there is certainly a very similar template that you can use for just about any situation with which you might be faced." --William G. Smith, President, William G. Smith & Associates "In today's fast-paced e-oriented world, it is no longer acceptable to bury business constraints in hard-to-change data structures. Data architects must comprehend complex requirements and recast them into data architecture with vision for unforeseen futures. Len's models provide an outstanding starting point for novice and advanced data architects for delivering flexible data models. These models position an organization for the business rule age. Their proper implementation and customization allows the organization to externalize and manage business policies and rules so that the business can proactively change itself. In this way, the data architecture, based on Len's models and procedures for customizing them, becomes by design the foundation for business change." --Barbara von Halle, Founder, Knowledge Partners, Inc., Co-author of Handbook of Relational Database Design "These books are long overdue and a must for any company implementing universal data models. They contain practical insights and templates for implementing universal data models and can help all enterprises regardless of their level of experience. Most books address the needs for data models but give little in the way of practical advice. These books fill in that void and should be utilized by all enterprises." --Ron Powell, Publisher, DM Review "Businesses across the world are demanding quality systems that are built faster by IT shops. This book provides a foundation of patterns for data modelers to expand upon and can cut days, if not weeks, off a project schedule. I have found The Data Model Resource Book, Revised Edition, Volume 1 valuable as a resource for my modeling efforts at L.L. Bean, Inc. and feel it is an essential component in any modelers toolkit." --Susan T. Oliver, Enterprise Data Architect, L.L. Bean, Inc. "I was first introduced to The Data Model Resource Book three years ago when I was hired by a firm who wanted an enterprise data model. This company did not believe the dictum that ?all companies are basically the same;? they felt they were somehow unique. After a little analysis with Len Silverston's help, we found that we were actually quite a bit the same: we had customers, accounts, employees, benefits, and all the things you'd find in any corporation. All we had to do was adapt the product component of Len's book and we were ready to move ahead with a great framework for all of our data. A CD-ROM that accompanies the book provided scripts to build the model in Oracle very quickly. We then began mapping all of our detailed data types to the enterprise model and, voila, we could find a place for all of those various spellings and misspellings of Account Number. Volume 2 of this revised edition provided even more exciting features: models of industry-specific data. I began to see interesting patterns that permeated this volume. For example, a reservation is a reservation, whether you're an airline, a restaurant, or a hotel. (We even have something similar in the oil industry--the allocation.) Another concept from the book that has changed my thinking and vocabulary is the word "party." I recently managed a project in which an employee could also function as a customer and as an on-line computer user. The team was in disagreement regarding a name for this entity; but after checking The Data Model Resource Book, we realized that here we had a party playing three roles. Whether your job is to jump-start a data warehouse project or borrow ideas for any subject area in your next operational database, I highly recommend The Data Model Resource Books, Revised Edition, Volumes 1 and 2 as your bible for design." --Ted Kowalski, Equilon Enterprises LLC, Author of Opening Doors: A Facilitator's Handbook

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