The Genial Senior's Companion to Ageing

The Genial Senior's Companion to Ageing

von: Peter Buckman

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Verlag: Head Of Zeus
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Veröffentl.: 09.08.2018
ISBN/EAN: 9781788540292
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While there are endless books on being young, there are precious few on how to embrace the ageing process. We don't think we're old until suddenly we can't do something that until now has never been a problem. We don't feel we're old because our habits and reactions were formed when we were younger, and as they served us well we see no reason to change them. But growing older inevitably brings new challenges and The Genial Senior's A-Z of Ageing is here to help anyone face the later years of their life with a refreshing, reassuring and humorous approach. A is for age, ailments and ambition; L for lists, loneliness and luck; T is for technology and tolerance: The Genial Senior's A-Z of Ageing is the perfect gift for anyone approaching the later years of their life.
Peter Buckman is an English writer and literary agent. He has been involved in the publishing industry for many years; he was on the editorial board of Penguin Books, and a commissioning editor for the New American Library in New York City.

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