The Life Cycle of Psychological Ideas

The Life Cycle of Psychological Ideas

Understanding Prominence and the Dynamics of Intellectual Change
Path in Psychology

von: Thomas C. Dalton, Rand B. Evans

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Veröffentl.: 03.01.2006
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This book focuses on what other volumes have only touched on, that is the factors that contribute to the rise of certain persons and ideas in the field of psychology. Bringing together noted experts in the field, it describes the process of intellectual reconstructions that determines how we view historical events, and why some ideas die only to be reborn again, as well as why new ideas can quickly topple traditional views.
Part 1. Reconstructing Psychology’s Founding and Growth: New Growth from Phantom Limbs: Tenuous Attributions to Our Predecessors. Rand B. Evans. Lost Classics and Forgotten Contributors: James Mark Baldwin as a Case Study in the Disappearance and Rediscovery of Ideas. Robert H. Wozniak. Reinventing the Past Through Reinterpretation: Reflections on the History of Psychology – 35 Years in the Trenches. John A. Popplestone. High Impact Research Programs in Psychology: Quantitative and Qualitative Aspects. Dean Keith Simonton. Tracking Trends in Psychological Science: An Empirical Analysis of the History of Psychology. Jessica L. Tracy, Richard W. Robins, and Samuel D. Gosling.-
Part 2. Comparative Psychology: Becoming Big Frogs in a Small Pond: On Gaining Eminence in Comparative Psychology. Donald A. Dewsbury. The Psychology of Homo Sapiens: Changing Comparative Perspectives. Michael C. Corballis and Stephen E.G. Lea.-
Part 3. Cognitive Science and Consciousness: How Otto Selz Became a Forerunner of the Cognitive Revolution. Pieter J. van Strien and Erik Faas. Consciousness Regained: The Scientific Restoration of Mind and Brain. Thomas C. Dalton and Bernard J. Baars.-
Part 4. Pragmatism, Individual and Social Development: Myrtle McGraw, the Maturation Debate and Aftermath. Thomas C. Dalton. The Contemporary Reconstruction of Developmental Psychology. Sheldon H. White.-
Part 5. Career Pathways and Professional Impact: Breaking the Silence: Helen Bradford Thompson Woolley. Katherine S. Milar.-
Part 6: The Dynamics of Scientific and Cultural Change: Prominence, Schools of Thought and Social Transformation. Thomas C. Dalton.
Only volume to examine underlying patterns that involve interplay among prominence, professionalism, and organizational development

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